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Ground and regulate your emotions

The process for each client is different, so I use a range of techniques to support the needs of each individual. As human beings we share collective needs - to feel safe, seen, heard and loved. Sadly for many, these basic needs have gone unmet for lifetimes leaving lots of people disconnected from themselves and living in survival mode.

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Somatically connect, listen and communicate with yourself

We cannot think our pain and trauma away, we must feel them in order to heal from them. Our bodies sense and feel, move and store emotions, while our minds make interpretations, meanings and beliefs. They are connected, so if we truly want to heal we must work to align our bodies and minds. This is why Universal Roots takes an holistic approach to mental and emotional wellbeing, taking into account the mind, body and energetic system.

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Drop into your body and connect with your feelings

Once we have worked on regulating your nervous system to create a sense of safety, we we will work through your thoughts, feelings and emotions, helping you to have a good understanding of what is going on for you personally.

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Our sessions are free flowing, allowing you to experience a whole spectrum of emotions

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