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Universal Roots offers 1hour or 90minute sessions. Currently, all sessions are conducted online over Zoom.  

To start with, you will have a free 20minute telephone consultation to see if we are suitable to work with each other and for you to ask any questions you may have.   

Initially, the work together is around building safety and capacity in the mind-body and nervous system. This may be through various somatic movements, polyvagal touch exercises, gentle breathwork and psychoeducation to help you to feel safe and grounded. My goal is that you will be able to trust in me to hold a safe, non-judgemental and strictly confidential space for you to talk about and feel whatever comes up naturally. I will offer up what I intuitively feel you might need and guide the session as such, if and when this feels comfortable for you.  

Once we have worked on regulating your nervous system to create a sense of safety, we we will work through your thoughts, feelings and emotions, helping you to have a good understanding  of what is going on for you personally. I will help you to drop into your body and connect with the feelings, sensations and emotions which may be present, allowing you to be with them and process them as necessary. Often, a client needs to work through layers and layers of emotions in order to get to the root of the issue, and so I will help you to understand this process and work through your overwhelming emotions and limiting beliefs along the way. 

I will help you to somatically connect, listen to and communicate with yourself, allowing repressed energy and emotions to come to the surface to be processed and released. I will talk with you and counsel you through your feelings, emotions and core beliefs, working with you to rewire stronger, healthier and more loving thought patterns and beliefs into your system. 

If you have any questions about sessions and my work, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.  

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