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Jessica Enwright-Davies 

BA Degree dual hons Social Policy and Criminology

Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling

Certificate in Couples Counselling

"People can only meet you as deeply as they've met themselves." - Matt Kahn


I offer an open, honest and compassionate space allowing you to meet your true and vulnerable self. Having overcome many of my own issues, I will work with you to get to the root of yours. Each person has a unique and personal way of healing and I will work alongside you to help you access that within yourself. By encouraging client autonomy and agency, I will help you to find and listen to your own true voice, connect to your innate power and wisdom and to build compassion and resilience from within

Universal Roots takes an holistic approach to mental and emotional wellbeing, taking into account the mind, body and energetic system as a whole and helping to create a sense of safety and trust from within. It works with the connection between mind and body and how we as humans, collectively and as individuals, relate to our pain and trauma. We cannot think our pain and trauma away, we must feel it to heal it. Our bodies sense and feel, move and store emotions, while our minds make interpretations, meanings and beliefs. They are connected, so if we truly want to heal we must work with our minds and bodies as one. 


The process for each client is different, so I use an eclectic range of techniques with each individual. As human beings we share collective needs, these needs are to feel safe, seen, heard and loved. Sadly for many, these basic needs have gone unmet for lifetimes leaving many disconnected from themselves and living in survival mode. 

Collective and individual pain and trauma has left people feeling highly disconnected from themselves and each other. Symptoms such as anxiety, addiction, depression, disassociation, low moods, chronic stress, OCD etc have become the normal way of life for many, taking its toll on the mind, body and spirit. Universal Roots works with you to help you connect back to your heart and body, enabling you to come back into alignment and thrive, instead of just survive. 

Most people tend to live in their heads, which is a profound protection method the mind-body uses to disconnect from the pain and trauma that is held and stored within the body. To allow the natural healing process of the mind-body to be fully carried out, it's imperative that people feel held in a safe space in which they are finally able to trust; to feel seen, to feel heard and to finally feel understood. During our work together, I will help you to quieten your mind and to feel safe in your body by helping you to regulate your nervous system. This will enable you to somatically connect to the innate wisdom of your body, allowing the intuitive and natural processes to take place and complete from within, so that you can begin to let go.


As the body feels safe to let go there may be a release of energy/emotion within the mind-body. This can be a release of stress energy and repressed emotion which were previously (often in childhood) unable to be processed due to a lack of safety, capacity and connection. Releasing allows the mind-body to become unstuck, creating space and clarity physically, mentally and emotionally. Clients are then naturally able to connect to the knowledge of their genuine wants, needs and desires and how they truly want to move forward in life. Many clients find that releasing repressed emotions/energy creates space for new ideas and opportunities to enter their lives and leaves them feeling more connected and aligned. 

Some clients feel they may only need a few sessions with me, whereas others will need to spend more time working slowly to build capacity within themselves and their nervous systems, in order to process that which needs to be processed and released. It is important to say that this work is not for everybody, it is deep work getting to the root of a clients issues and sometimes requires the client to be willing to face very difficult and painful truths. That being said, this work can be hugely profound, often allowing clients to access parts of themselves they didn't even know existed. It can enable them to find strength in their vulnerability and connect to an innate trust and openness in their hearts.  

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